The Best 5 Night Creams of 2023

Published on: February 24, 2024

Do Retinoids Really Reduce Wrinkles?

Retinoids are compounds in the same class as Vitamin A. They are among the most potent and most studied anti-aging ingredients that exist. Retinoids do reduce wrinkles, and they do so because they initiate the production of additional collagen in the skin. This makes the skin firmer and more elastic, smoothing wrinkles, and lines (1).

Retinoids are very high in antioxidants, and this also provides anti-aging and anti-wrinkle benefits. It helps repair skin damage and prevent future wrinkles from developing. However, you do have to be patient with retinol. It can take a few months, and up to a year, for full results to show in terms of wrinkle reduction.

There is, however, a variation in the potency of retinol included in commercial skincare products. Some retinol creams use less because retinol can cause irritation to the skin. This will make the item less potent in terms of wrinkle reduction. The percentages available for most retinoid products are 0.025%, 0.05% and 0.1% (2).

How to Choose (and Use) the Best Retinol Face Cream or Serum

When you choose retinol creams or serum, besides checking the potency of the product you also want to have a look at the other ingredients included. Make sure the product is rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agents, and some very hydrating ingredients.

Because retinol can dry the skin, it’s very important to use a retinol cream moisturizer. In addition, make sure the product contains SPF to protect you from the sun’s rays. Retinol makes you temporarily more sensitive to the sun, so you need extra protection.

When you’re choosing a retinol product, you should also look up the manufacturer and see if they are reputable. In addition, consider the return policy or warranty. Check the customer reviews for the item. Finally, compare the cream or serum to other similar products to make sure you made the right choice.

How Do You Use Retinol for Wrinkles? 

Applying retinol only takes a few simple steps. Begin your nighttime skin routine by cleansing your face and patting dry with a towel. If you use eye cream, apply this first to protect the delicate skin in that area.

Before you apply the cream, make sure your skin is dry. Wet skin could lead to irritation after you apply the retinol. Take a very small amount of the cream onto your fingers and spread it upwards over your face starting from your chin. Then follow up with your moisturizer.

Retinol makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, so in the morning you should apply a good sunblock before you leave the house.

What Are the Benefits of Retinol?

Retinol creams can smooth out existing wrinkles and lines and prevent new ones from developing

This agent can lighten areas of pigmentation and sunspots

Retinol creams for acne can get rid of oily skin and diminish the chance of having a breakout

It can exfoliate on a deep level, replenishing the cells, and brightening the skin

Retinol can even out your skin tone

It’s not an expensive ingredient

Here are the best retinol creams and moisturizers you can buy:

Elizabeth Chen

Senior Editor - Beauty Specialist

I am doing extensive research for non-profit organizations. I would love to share my findings, which were acquired by carefully examining each product, their results, and side effects if any. I've ranked them based on these findings.


#1 Glè Good Night
#2 Lacura Night Cream
#3 L’oreal Paris Revitalift Facial Night Cream
#4 Restora Night Cream
#5 Retinol Night Cream

#1. Glè - Good Night Cream

(2 fl oz)


Our Rating: 9.5/10
Customer Rating: 9.68/10 (256 Votes)

You can purchase these two products as a set on the manufacturer’s official site. The pack includes an anti-wrinkle cream plus a serum for the skin around the eyes. Together, the retinol cream or serum products are the ultimate anti-aging team.

The ingredients have numerous retinol cream benefits. They repair and protect the skin, make it firmer and more elastic, improve tone, and smooth wrinkles and lines. The eye serum can remove dark circles and puffiness from under the eyes and get rid of crow’s feet.

Although this product is a little expensive, it’s useful to get the set of 2 products together to use in your routine. Use them as part of your nighttime ritual. These are high-quality items that we can recommend. You’ll be very impressed with the retinol cream before and after.

Available in a 2 fl oz jar for $44.99, check out Gle Skincare’s official website HERE. Not only is this product the most affordable of those reviewed, but our team also recommends it as the best quality Night Cream with Retinol.



Update: The special offer expires February 24, 2024


A +


The products can reduce wrinkle depth

This cream can firm the skin and improve elasticity

Made in the USA

They can significantly enhance skin tone

All-natural and organic ingredients

Scent-free formula

NO trials or subscriptions!

Brand was featured on:


Due to popularity, sometimes it’s on backorder/sold out

Update: The special offer expires February 24, 2024

4.7 rating out of 937 reviews
Peggi Christopher

I started using about 2 weeks ago, and already I like the non-greasy feel. Too soon to write more. Should note I'm 75 years young.

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P. A. Owens

Absorbs quickly. Can feel a difference in my dry skin. Face feels softer.

See more

I tried the good night cream and so far, it feels good! It's scent-free and goes on nicely. Finding an effective night cream that is both affordable and scent-free is such a rare combination. I am going to hold onto this one! Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin too!

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Glennie Townshend

Moisturizing and refreshing around the eyes. Helps reduce fine lines. Leaves skin feeling soft. Doesn’t irritate skin like retinol creams tend to do. I would recommend this product.

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Kasey Spleving

I love everything about The Gle Good Night Cream. I'm a senior and have been using this product 2 weeks. My skin looks moisturized and soft, with a smooth skin tone. The crowsfeet at my eyes and deep lines at my mouth are greatly reduced.

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I saw such a huge difference in my skin while using this product. I’ve since been experimenting with other retinol creams but nothing compares to this. Definitely plan on repurchasing and highly recommend!!

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Carlina Stanier

It makes my skin feel soft and supple. I have been using this product for over 20 years and have very few wrinkles. It may very well be that this night cream works great!

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#2. Lacura Night Cream

(1.7 fl oz)


Our Rating: 8.5/10
Customer Rating: 8.68/10 (200 Votes)

Lacura Night Cream is a powerful anti-aging product that works at night when you’re sleeping to repair skin damage, replenish the cells, and eliminate some of the signs of aging. Unfortunately, there’s no complete ingredient list available, but we do know that the cream contains retinyl palmitate, aloe vera, coenzyme Q10, and several vitamins.

It’s a very healthy formula that contains a lot of antioxidants and should deeply nourish your skin. A night cream enriches your skin when there are no environmental stressors or irritants around, which allows for deeper penetration and activation.

The fact that this is such a high-quality retinol cream, but still so reasonably priced is one of the great benefits of Lacura Night Cream. Grab yourself a bottle today!


B +


Lacura Night Cream is an excellent moisturizer

The product is safe for all ages

The price of this product is very low


The cream contains soy, which is a common allergen

Retinyl palmitate could cause retinol cream side effects like a reaction on the skin

The manufacturer doesn’t provide a full ingredient list

#3. L'oreal Paris Revitalift Facial Night Cream

(1.7 fl. oz)


Our Rating: 7.5/10
Customer Rating: 7.68/10 (193 Votes)

This is a luxury brand with a cheap retinol cream price tag. This rich night cream is full of organic ingredients that provide immense anti-aging benefits, such as retinyl palmitate, shea butter, yeast, apricot kernel oil, Shorea robusta butter, and others.

The substances included are high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, and some lead to the production of collagen which firms the skin and smooths wrinkles. The product promises to get rid of signs of age in a 4-week period, as well as make the skin look refreshed and radiant.

The customer reviews for this product just raved about the amazing benefits it provides and the number of retinol cream uses. The vast majority of customers gave this cream a high rating.


B –


Retinol cream is suitable for sensitive skin

It provides 24-hour moisturization

It can eliminate wrinkles and lines in 4 weeks


The retinol may irritate the skin in some people.

It contains soy, which is a common allergen.

#4. Restora Night Cream

(1.7 fl oz)


Our Rating: 6.8/10
Customer Rating: 6.95/10 (154 Votes)

While you sleep at night, this potent formula smooths wrinkles and lines on your skin and restores your skin to its youthful glow. This cream is full of hydration which plumps the skin and leaves it smooth of signs of age.

It’s also high in antioxidants which heal and nurture the skin, protect it from sun damage, and provide additional anti-aging benefits. Restora Night Cream contains beneficial ingredients like aloe vera, hemp oil, and hyaluronic acid. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide the entire list.

There’s nowhere to purchase this product at the moment, but it may reappear. In addition, there’s no price listed for the cream anywhere online. Besides these issues, this is a very high-quality cream which should be effective. Keep an eye out for retailers that sell it.


C +


This is a highly moisturizing product

It can repair damage to your skin

Restora Night Cream eliminates wrinkles


You have to buy through a free trial, and then you go into the auto-shipment program

There’s no place to buy the cream at the moment

We don’t get a full ingredient list

#5. Retinol Night Cream

(1.7 fl oz)


Our Rating: 6.1/10
Customer Rating: 5.95/10 (141 Votes)

Retinol Night Cream is a powerful retinol cream which works to remove the signs of age as you sleep. You spread it on your face and neck before you go to bed and it works to repair skin damage and hydrate. The cream promises to give your skin the luminous, radiant look of being refreshed.


The ingredients in Retinol Night Cream are mostly vitamins. It includes Vitamin C, E, and A in copious amounts. This means a high number of antioxidants which elevate the overall immunity of the skin and protect it from harm.

There’s no official website, but you can buy this product on Amazon for a very reasonable price. It’s a rich but lightweight cream which seems to be worth the cost.


C –


This product is high in vitamins

It can give you a radiant, glowing appearance

Retinol Night Cream smooths wrinkles while you sleep


You could have a skin reaction to the very high retinol

It could cause irritation if it gets in your eye